Cardiff ‘people’s supermarket’ venture takes next step

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Cardiff ‘people’s supermarket’ venture takes next step

Arthur Potts Dawson at the People's Supermarket in London.

The opening of Cardiff’s “people’s supermarket” has moved a step closer after the venture was registered as a co-operative.

Siop y Bobl, which was inspired by The People’s Supermarket – a social enterprise launched by chef Arthur Potts Dawson in London last year – will be owned and run by the people who shop there.

The registration means that the team behind the scheme can open a bank account, take out business loans and open a premises.

Chair Gwion Thorpe said it hoped to sell local produce in Cardiff by the end of the year.

Mr Thorpe, who works for the Environment Agency, said he was surprised Cardiff did not already have any community-run shops.

The 31-year-old said: “Our vision for Siop y Bobl is for more money to flow through the Welsh economy, reaching local producers and suppliers, as well as the staff we will employ.”

The shop will sell all kind of food, and house a bakery and cafe.

Mr Thorpe said the focus is now on finding a suitable location.

He said they had originally looked to open in Roath or Canton, but having visited other working co-operative models they felt being in the city centre would be the best way to generate footfall.

Once they have a site, the group are planning a public share issue. Shares worth from £5 to £500 will be available for the public to buy, giving them a choice over how the shop is run.

Although they are not yet looking for staff, Siop y Bobl would like to hear from anyone keen to invest in the project or help out, or from anyone with shop management experience.

Siop y Bobl is on Twitter and Facebook, and can be reached by e-mailing

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