Council ‘ignored family housing shortage’ when rejecting Pontprennau housing plans, say developers

May 12, 2012 1 Comment »
Council ‘ignored family housing shortage’ when rejecting Pontprennau housing plans, say developers

A public inquiry into a controversial housing development on the outskirts of Cardiff has concluded with the claim that Cardiff Council did not consider the shortfall in family housing when it rejected the proposal to build 150 homes.

In summing up, the developer’s representative, Christopher Young challenged the council’s argument that the proposed development on land off Church Road in Pontprennau would be isolated, and lacked sustainability.

He said: “Bus provision (for the development) does not get much better than this.

“This a peripheral location on the edge of the city, yet the buses run for 19 hours a day.”

He added: “The suggestion that there is limited travel options to this site is genuinely perplexing.”

He also made a point of slamming the council’s provision for affordable housing, saying it was well below requirements.

“In the last five years the council has delivered a little over half of one year’s requirement of affordable housing.”

Representing Cardiff council, who rejected the application by Heron Land Developments last year, Melissa Murphy echoed her arguments given over the course of the four-day hearing, on why inquiry chairman Andrew Poulter should reject the appeal.

She said: “The proposed development is unsustainable, the grant of planning permission would run counter to the sustainability objectives which are at the heart of the Welsh Government policy.”

She added: “Although the provision of housing (in particular, affordable housing and housing for families) is welcome and should be given considerable weight, that benefit is outweighed by the fact that the appeal site is severed from the surrounding communities of Pontprennau, Pentwyn and Llanrumney.”

Mr Poulter will now consider his decision after a site visit to Church Road.

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  1. Chrispy May 13, 2012 at 6:50 pm - Reply

    Developers do not care about creating sustainable communities – and the Council seems to think that sustainability is about having bus stops. If building goes ahead, there should be better provision for schools and local shops and an upgrade to the local pub. There should also be better pedestrian access – e.g. include a bridge or underpass on the M4 link road. A traffic light crossing would be dangerous and just a cheapskate solution. Bus routes are a red herring!

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