Audio walks exploring Grangetown launch tomorrow

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Audio walks exploring Grangetown launch tomorrow

The audio walks around Grangetown describe their experiences of their community, and where they like to go.

Audio walks providing a guide to Grangetown created by young people in the area will be made available to the public from tomorrow.

Cardiff University, the University of Glamorgan and the Beacon for Wales funding scheme ran a project in 2010 called “Sounding the Way: Audio Walking in Cardiff’s Urban Neighbourhoods”, which asked residents in Grangetown to explore their area by making audio walks.

The walks include local information, stories, music and other relevant soundtracks which people can listen to as they walk a particular route.

“Sounding the Way” asked Grangetown’s young people to create walks about where they like to go as a way of getting them to engage with their local community, and involved them as developers, researchers and producers as well as participants in the  walks.

The youngsters were also encouraged to work with older people to explore their neighbourhood in different ways.

Two years on, the finished maps and audio walks are being made available to everyone tomorrow with a launch event at The Deck Coffee House on Harrowby Street from 3.30pm.

Everyone is welcome and will have the opportunity to try out the walks and watch a film about how they were made.

Dr Kate Moles, who worked on “Sounding the Way” for Cardiff University, said: “Audio walks allow people to share their stories, memories and knowledge of the area, empowing them as community stakeholders and authorities on their locality.

“Walking is an act of exploration; it enables us to access the secret, often marginalised yet everyday textures of the city.”


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