GUEST BLOG: Cardiff Roller Collective on why you should get your skates on

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It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s the quickest growing sport in the UK – and it’s in Cardiff. Cardiff Roller Collective (CRoC) organise roller derby and other roller skating sports for women across the Welsh capital. Here CRoC’s Nicola Lumb – aka NiKilla – talks about how the sport is actually played, and how you can get involved.

“Cardiff Roller Collective (CRoC), founded in October 2010, were originally an all female flat-track roller derby league in Cardiff, South Wales, but they are now actively involved in other roller sports.

CRoC offers roller derby, beginner skate sessions and roller hockey. No matter whether you are a novice or an experienced skater there’s roller skating for everyone.

If you haven’t heard of roller derby before you aren’t the only one as it is a relatively new sport, but also the fastest growing sport in the UK and it’s increasing in popularity. There are now over 90 leagues in the UK and six throughout Wales.

Roller derby is an American-invented contact sport where two teams skate in formation around an oval track. Each team has a designated points scorer, called a ‘jammer’, who scores a point for each member of the opposite team they pass. Four ‘blockers’ on each team use their bodies to move opposition players and to protect their jammer.

Although derby players have to be tough and gutsy as the sport is full contact they also like to show their fun side by wearing colourful, flirtatious outfits. Every skater expresses their personality through an alter ego name, which is usually a play on words, for example Nikkiblocker Glory, Jiggly Ruff and Grazed Anatomy.

Roller derby is not for the faint-hearted as it can be dangerous. Although players are required to wear protective pads and helmets, injuries do happen. This element of danger adds to the excitement of the crowd and local games have been known to draw in hundreds of spectators who sit on the edge of their seats waiting for high impact collisions and fancy footwork.

Due to the nature of the sport roller derby is played by over 18s, however games are enjoyed by spectators of all ages.

CRoC’s next game ‘Twin Town Throw Down’ is on Saturday May 19 at the Futsal, Cardiff. This will be a face off between local rivals Swansea City Slayers vs CRoC’s A team, Cardiff Rude Birds.

To find out more about roller derby or skating in Cardiff visit our website or come along to Twin Town Throw Down to see a game first hand. 

Doors open at 2pm, with tickets costing £5 in advance. All ages are welcome to the game, and there will be an over 18’s after party at the Ty Glas pub in Llanishen. You can also follow the game on Twitter, #CRoCvSCS .

Alternatively you can email for more information.”

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