Gun drama after police pursuit in Butetown

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Gun drama after police pursuit in Butetown

This was the dramatic scene outside Cardiff Bay police station last night as armed officers chased down a car and pointed rifles at its female driver.

Having pursued the black Nissan Juke through the streets of Butetown, specially trained firearm officers cautiously apprehended the woman.

Our pictures show how two police cars block off the vehicle just yards away from the city’s main police station.

They then approach the driver’s door before appearing to instruct the female driver to remain inside.

Next, they can be seen moving to the rear of the car as they begin a full search of the vehicle.

One officer stands about six feet behind the car as his colleague opens the boot. The officers did not appear to find anything suspicious inside.

The woman, who eyewitnesses said was about 5ft 6in tall, was then led out of the car, flanked by an armed policeman. There were no other people inside it.

In total, there were eight firearms officers and four police cars involved in the incident which happened at around 6.45pm and lasted for nearly 90 minutes.

Having been guided from the car, the woman was then questioned on the side of the road for around 30 minutes.

Richard Beech, an eyewitness, said: “Two armed officers got out and shouted orders at her to put her hands above her head.

“As soon as she got out of the car they lowered their weapons and did not cuff her but took her to one side – as if there was someone else they were expecting to have exited the car.

“Another three or four armed officers appeared outside the police station.”

He added: “There was a standard patrol car blocking off the road at the Cardiff Bay end but there was no blocking off of the pavement so people were still walking by.

“The officers were very meticulously searching everything in the car and eventually towed the car away at about 8.10pm.”

Mr Beech added that at one point the woman was seen making a telephone call before breaking down in tears.

Another witness, Anna Morris, said: “The woman was not handcuffed, and was spoken to by police for around half an hour.

“An unarmed officer then led her into a patrol car and headed back to the station along with two other vehicles while another officer stayed behind and parked next to the car until it was towed away.”

As the incident was still “live” late last night, a spokeswoman for South Wales Police said the force was unable to comment.

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  1. @gavinp0rter May 18, 2012 at 9:37 am - Reply

    What I find interesting is when there is a negative story in this and similar areas its reported as Butetown when its a Positive story is Cardiff Bay. How many residents of the gated community Century Wharf regard their address as Butetown.

  2. Annonymous May 18, 2012 at 11:31 am - Reply

    This story is so far fetched there was no chase through the streets of Butetown. The amed officers were all stood outside the police station as I passed them getting into their cars they then drove up and surrounded the nissan that was parked up neatly on Dumbells round. Think whoever gave this story and photos are trying to make it sound more dramatic than it was.

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