The Olympic torch arrives in Cardiff

May 25, 2012 2 Comments »

Cardiff gave the Olympic Torch a welcome worthy of the capital of Wales lining its route for mile upon smile.

Thousands queued patiently for hours in the sunshine to share a once in a lifetime experience and to be able to say – like Max Boyce – “I was there.”

For once the Welsh weather graced an historic occasion with brilliant sunshine and wafted the crowds with a cooling breeze.

Good natured spectators even cheered the police vans ‘whooping’ their blue-lighted way through St Mary Street and Wood Street past a sea of flags and the Welsh Dragon – at one point ‘chasing’ a vendor towing a swarm of helium balloons down the fenced route.

Hundreds packed onto Wood Street Bridge to watch Welsh rugby hero Sam Warburton complete his 300 metres – and see the London 2012 Olympic Relay bus overtaken by a lone Friday night jogger.

Donna King, 24, from Grangetown was in St Mary Street with flag carrying daughters Jennifer, 3, and two-year-old Abigail in their pushchair.

She said: “It’s a little taste of history which is an amazing thing for the children to live through and be part of – they’ve never seen anything like this before and may never again.”

Neighbour Rene Bickel, 74, commented: “It’s a bit sad in a Diamond Jubilee that there aren’t more street parties like in the 1950s – the Queen deserves a medal for all the years on the throne.

“But I’ve got all the flags out in my window at home and we’re here today to see the Olympic Torch and support our athletes.”

The arrival of the torch prompted Spanish doctor Daniel Moreno, 30, to make his way to the town centre just two hours after landing for a week long holiday.

Fellow Spaniard, Oliver Jimenez, 25, came to the UK looking for work but were enjoying the carnival atmosphere and said: “It’s a special year like in Barcelona in 1992 which was the best Olympics!”

Film student Amy Sergeant, 20, said: “It’s an amazing atmosphere in Cardiff with everyone coming together. When the Olympics start I might watch a bit of swimming, gymnastics or the running but this is a chance to be part of something special.”


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  1. steve west May 28, 2012 at 9:56 am - Reply

    I am totally speechless, disgusted, blood boilingly angry!
    Dozens of the ' lucky ' winners of the draw to carry the Olympic Torch
    for a small part of its trip around the UK – are selling their torches
    on the Internet for prices up to £100,000 !
    I feel nauseous just writing about these chancers
    They should be Keel Hauled – twice – and then deported from the UK,
    never to set foot here again !
    It has spoilt the whole occasion for me.


    1, Cardiff Rd
    CF5 2DN

    07831 464064

  2. Danielle May 28, 2012 at 6:40 pm - Reply

    Its ok for the sportsmen and women to use their status to front massive advertising campaigns to make money for themselves plus make rich companies even richer yet its not ok for others to sell the torches to make money!!!
    the olympics should be all about the talent and achievements of great sporting men and women it should be to celebrate their dedication and hardwork NOT to see who can make the most money…but if its not ok for obe to make money from it then why should it be acceptable for others?!?

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