Community concerns over Llanrumney mental health facility

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Kay Davey (centre front)and other residents of Llanrumney outside the former Countisbury tCourt , which is being turned into a facility for mental health patients.

A community has claimed mental health patients were moved into a facility backing on to its streets without notification or consultation.

Residents of Bridgwater Road, Llanrumney, Cardiff, said they only found out a few days ago that patients would be moving into a facility in Countisbury Avenue over the next couple of weeks.

Countisbury House, which was previously a care home, will support up to 16 people with mental health issues to live more independently.

But Kay Davey, 45, whose house backs on to the facility, said she had no idea the patients were moving in until she made her own inquiries.

Turning Point, the charity running the facility, said information and recruitment days had been held locally and advertised via posters distributed locally and in the press – but Ms Davey said she and her neighbours had not received anything.

“It isn’t just me, nobody had a clue,” she said. “I understand we need these facilities in place, and they do have to be somewhere, but I just feel we had a right to know.

“If we’d have known we could have found out more, to reassure ourselves of our own safety and object to the facility if we decided to.

“A lot of people in the street have children or live on their own or are elderly. If these people are recovering drug and alcohol addicts that’s great, but people can relapse, and what if they did and something happened?

“We do have a right to know about something like this.”

After Ms Davey contacted the charity, they sent a representative to meet with her in person and she said she felt reassured – but still believed more effort should initially have been made to consult residents.

Carole Hedges, service manager at Turning Point Countisbury House, said:

“It is important to us that each of our services are part of the local community so we will be inviting people to visit the service and find out more about our work here following its launch at the end of the month.”

Cardiff council said that as the facility was being run by Turning Point, the consultation process was outside its remit.

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