The Star Inn regains its alcohol licence a year after “20-man brawl”

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The Star Inn in St Mellons

A Cardiff pub that had its licence revoked last year has been given permission to sell booze again, in a decision that has cost Cardiff council almost £17,500.

The Star Inn in St Mellons had its premises licence revoked following a mass brawl outside the pub in June last year. At the time, police said the incident involved around 20 people, and left a woman covered in blood.

The next morning, police officers went to the alehouse around 9.30am to speak to the then-premises supervisor Julie Dacey, but found five men drinking alcohol, and Mrs Dacey’s husband William confirmed he had sold the alcohol despite the pub’s licence banning its sale before 11am.

At a meeting of Cardiff council’s sub-licensing committee two months later, councillors decided to revoke the pub’s alcohol licence because of the disturbance it was causing to local residents, with police saying the June incident was the “straw that broke the camel’s back”.

But Admiral Taverns, who own the The Star Inn, appealed the council’s decision, and Cardiff Council has now accepted an offer from the pub chain to make alternations to the The Star Inn’s premises licence and allowed it to be reissued.

A council spokesman said the licence had been reissued with extra conditions about installing a CCTV system, and regulated entertainment must finish at 10pm to address the problems of crime, disorder and public nuisance.

But despite the matter being settled before the case reached court, the local authority has still been still ordered to pay Admiral Tavern’s costs of £17,400.

A spokesman for Admiral Taverns said the Star Inn is currently open and being run by a temporary management company, but the firm is looking to appoint a new permanent licensee, whether it’s individual or a couple.

Admiral Tavern’s business development manager Caren Laing added: “There’s a fantastic business here at the Star Inn for anyone with the personality and ability to realise the opportunities this pub has to offer. It’s a small pub, but it does an amazing trade and we believe there’s the chance to double what it’s taking currently by offering the local community a truly great, traditional pub experience.

“We are now looking for the right person, or couple, to take on and develop this community pub. There’s so much potential in the Star Inn, we believe it’s a gold mine that just needs the right personality to unearth its treasures.”

Anyone interested should contact Kelly Dunne at Admiral Taverns on 01244 505491 or visit the Admiral Taverns website.

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