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In the latest “A Day in the Life” feature from yourCardiff and the South Wales Echo, Kath Hilsden has photographed PreFab Clothing – a 1950’s themed charity shop and recycling project on Albany Road. Run by the Cardiff YMCA Housing Association, it supports the charity’s Recycling and Reuse Project and its services for homeless people.

Thirty-eight-year-old photographer Kath, who is originally from Llandrindod Wells but has lived in Roath for the past six years, said:

“I became interested in photography about ten years ago. I find that it helps me to think creatively and look more closely at my surroundings.

“I used to work as a buildings archaeologist and have a keen interest in the environment, people and the things that they leave behind. I am fascinated by the way that fashions and styles change over time and how the past shapes the present. For me, taking photographs is a means of recording moments in time as well as a way to express thoughts and feelings in a visual way.

“These days I work for the Community Recycling Network for Wales, so I no longer study cultural change, but help to promote it! As a mother, I am concerned about the environment and the legacy that we are leaving our children. We all know that we should be wasting less and reusing more and charity shops support this ideal in a very real way.

“Like a lot of women, I love a bit of retail therapy. Shopping in charity shops allows me to indulge my inner consumer, whilst doing some social and environmental good. I am as intrigued by the items that can be found in charity shops as I am excited by the possibility of the bargain!

“The idea of “second hand” still means “second best” for many. PreFab is an excellent example of how charity shops are upping their game and showing that this is simply not true. While I was there I heard so many customers remark on what a wonderful shop it is. I hope these pictures will persuade others to take a look too.”

You can see more of Kath’s photography on her blog.

A Day in the Life is a series of photo essays asking photographers to chart 24 hours in the life of Cardiff’s shops, businesses, public spaces and ordinary people. The results are then showcased here on yourCardiff and in the South Wales Echo.

If you would like to take part in A Day in the Life, send your idea to jessica.best@mediawales.co.uk of telephoning 02920 243612.

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