Campaigners celebrate as new speed camera is installed on Newport Road

July 9, 2012 2 Comments »

PCSO Tim Jones, Cyril Sedgebeer, John Ireland, Bob Watson and Derek Brown, with the new speed camera on Newport Road

Campaigners are celebrating after a seven-year battle for a speed camera on an accident blackspot has been won.

The camera, on a section of Newport Road in Rumney, Cardiff, has been installed and will be switched on soon.

Derek Brown, of nearby South View Drive, led the campaign alongside Bob Watson and former councillor John Ireland. He said it was a “big step” towards making the stretch of road more safe.

The road, near the junction with Witla Court Road, has a 40mph limit, but a recent survey found more than 10% of the 22,000 cars which drive along it every day travel at over 46mph.

In November last year, residents stepped up their campaign for more traffic calming measures after a 67-year-old woman was hit by a police car as she tried to cross the road.

It is understood the officers were responding to a call when they performed a U-turn in Witla Court Road and drove back out into the carriageway, colliding with the woman, who was treated for minor injuries.

Mr Brown said: “We started campaigning for this in November 2005, seven years ago.

“I wrote to the then-Labour councillor back in 2005 and he wrote letters off saying ‘there seems to be a speeding issue, what are we going to do about it?’

“The council did a survey and decided there wasn’t enough dangerous speeding going on.”

The council’s survey found the road fell just 0.1% short of the level of speeding needed to warrant a speed camera.

“John Ireland came on board four years ago and was helping to push things along, while our local PCSO Tim Jones also helped,” said Mr Brown.

“It got to the stage where people were going to Pact meetings and saying, ‘not again’ – because it was all we were talking about.”

But the pressure worked. With support from PCSO Jones and John Ireland, the speed camera was finally installed last month.

Mr Brown added: “It’s not even switched on yet and it has already had a positive effect, with lots of drivers slowing down when they see it.”

Mr Jones added: “The issue was brought up through Pact meetings again and again and they have been really active in campaigning.

“As a result, I spent three to four months stood on that road with a handheld speed camera collecting data.

“I’m delighted they have now seen a positive result from their campaigning, as they really have worked tirelessly for this.”

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  1. Manover50 July 9, 2012 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    If the danger is Police doing dangerous manouvres, this is not the solution. And why does it need two units, each with their own post?

    More to the point: this road has two school entrances on it. It should be a 30mph speed limit, NOT 40.

    Being cynical, it wouldn't surprise me if they don't now reduce the speed limit and claim the speed reduction is due to the camera, not the change in speed limit. They have already done this on the A48 by the Heath Hospital.

  2. IanPery July 17, 2012 at 12:50 am - Reply

    When a motorist is caught speeding by the camera and punished, is that a success or a failure?

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