Support floods in for Cardiff blogger after he writes about his neighbour from hell

August 6, 2012 9 Comments »

One man’s nightmare experience of anti-social behaviour in Cardiff has notched up 4,000 online followers a week.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, started writing a blog about his neighbour from hell after suffering in silence for nearly two and a half years.

And since publishing it online, the call centre worker has been flooded with messages of support from all over the country.

He said: “I started to write the blog because I didn’t feel the council were doing anything about it and I felt I needed to raise awareness of what was happening. Since I started it, people from across the UK have been in touch, many saying they have been in similar situations for years with nothing happening.

“Sadly, a lot of those people have eventually been forced to move home.

“It feels like the Government and councils are being tough on anti-social behaviour – but not if that person is living in one of their properties.

“I feel – at best – uncomfortable in my own home. There are times that I am scared to be here.”

Here is his story, in his own words…

“Three years ago this coming September, I moved into the flat I currently live in. My building has six flats inside it, and of the six, only one, mine, is not a council flat. My flat was purchased by my father, with me making payments to him every month to cover the mortgage he took out.

Around two and a half years ago now, Cardiff council moved a new tenant in. This tenant was a young man, who at the time couldn’t have been older than sixteen or seventeen, who will hereafter be referred to as Neighbour. It wasn’t long after he moved in before the trouble started.

At the time of Neighbour’s moving in, his older brother was getting towards the end of a stretch in prison for stabbing someone. Only a week or two after Neighbour arrived, his brother came to live with him too. And as soon as he did, my home became a horrible place to live in.

It started with loud noise, as all of Neighbour Brother’s friends would be in the flat as well, all day and night, every day and night. They would shout and scream at each other, thump around in what sounded very much like indoor football matches, and shout abuse out of the windows at random passers by.

It got worse from there, as litter was constantly dropped out of the window, to the point where both my front and back gardens looked like a rubbish tip.

And it wasn’t just empty bottles and food wrappers, oh no. Anything and everything you can think of came out those windows, including lit cigarettes and human excrement.

Eventually, Neighbour’s brother went back to prison and we hoped that would be the end of it. But it wasn’t. Nothing changed. The shouting and screaming, the arguments with people outside, they all continued.

Did we inform the council? Of course we did. Did we call the police? Yes, whenever we could. And sometimes, they would come out. But nothing seemed to actually get taken forward. The council would give us incident diaries to fill out, which we did dutifully. Once the diary was filled up, we were just given another one to fill out.

And this is all that has happened in the last two years.

Last Friday, I was away for the weekend, but did return to my flat on Tuesday of this week. I had been back less than 12 hours before, at ten to eleven in the evening, Neighbour’s Girlfriend started banging on my window asking me to let her in because she’d been locked out. I refused, since she shouldn’t be living at the property in the first place.

An hour later, there was more loud banging on my bedroom window, and the voice of my Neighbour shouting at us to let us in, claiming we had to because he was the police. Yeah. Of course he was.

We overheard him and his girlfriend having a screaming match outside my flat. We also heard him saying there have been over one-hundred and twenty complaints about him since he’s lived in the building.

And now, whenever he and his girlfriend leave, they leave a rock wedging the back door open.

What does it take? Every resident in this building has complained numerous times. Residents in other buildings close by and the houses across the road have complained. It’s difficult to sleep here, I’ve been threatened, I’m scared that my flat is going to get burned down by a lit cigarette being thrown into the garden and I just don’t want to be here. I spend as much time at my girlfriend’s place as I can at the moment, because my own home, which I pay for, is a horrible place to live.

Two and a half years. That’s thirty months. Of those, maybe five have been quiet. That leaves twenty-five months of this happening. I’m fed up of it. I’m fed up of not being able to relax in my home and I’m fed up of the council just telling us the same thing over and over again.”

Cardiff Council’s cabinet member for communities, housing and social justice, Councillor Lynda Thorne, said: “Anti-social behaviour is a significant problem and a major concern for communities everywhere. It leaves victims feeling intimidated, angry and frightened and has an impact on public reassurance.

“Indeed, long-running problems – and the sense of helplessness that goes with them – can destroy a victim’s quality of life and shatter a community’s trust. I am therefore determined to tackle the small minority of people who act in this way and, along with South Wales Police and our partners, will deal strongly with anyone engaging in such activity.”

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  1. John August 6, 2012 at 12:20 pm - Reply

    I can relate to what this guy is going through. Went through hell in the last neighbourhood I lived in, in Cardiff. Eventually, had to just pack up and move out. The police did try to help, but could do very little.

  2. Linda Vera Thomas August 6, 2012 at 1:51 pm - Reply

    Ive had an on going problem with my neighbour for the last 4 years, terrible stench coming from her flat. Just over a year ago the council finally forced entry as she would make no contact with them.On entry enviromental health, pest control & council found 4ft birds feaces, dead pigeons & eggs on balcony, loads of rubbish scattered everywhere. Bathroom door had to be forced open as it have not been used for years. I cant live like this anymore it`s discusting im hoping this problem will be sorted soon, ive been fighting this for 4 n half years now how can people live like this im looking to move home asap.i really do hope your ongoin problem will be resolved soon good luck

  3. James August 6, 2012 at 4:44 pm - Reply

    This article highlights exactly how local authorities operate.
    We hear so much from Government, MPs and various other 'interested' parties on how they are tackling Nuisance neighbours, yet little seems to change. I have endured 15 years of nuisance neighbours, and like the 'blogger' was given diaries to complete, but nothing really changed, if anything it remained the same.

    The biggest issue is the Council will not act unless written statements are provided in order to secure an eviction. They will not collect the information themselves, In addition, the Council will not accept responsibility for damage to other peoples property.
    In my case I have had around £1k damage done, and is still ongoing, not to mention the anxiety. Moving is not an option since new occupiers have to be informed of nuisance neighbours.

  4. JAMES August 6, 2012 at 4:48 pm - Reply

    To secure a conviction for ASB, you are required to provide conclusive evidence of the culprit. Since many operate in hours of darkness, and often in the 'small hours' it is difficult to identify, and of course you cannot observe the property 24/7
    The use of CCTV is restrictive since cameras cannot stray beyond the boundaries of a property,.hence if the culprits are throwing missiles from beyond the boundary, then they cannot be identified.
    In conclusion it has to be said perpetrators are protected by Human Rights, CCTV legislation. and of course a Council that ignore s complaints about its tenants

  5. Carol August 8, 2012 at 12:36 pm - Reply

    Yup. Sounds all too familiar. The foul mouthed yobbos, the noise, the mindless vandalism, people shopping on PJs, the attitude even from very young children, the crime, the filth (nappies on the driveway… nice!)… the general absence of any respect for themselves others or their environment! The area where I live over the last 10 years has become a chav ghetto and the stress and frustration caused by people like that can’t possibly be estimated. And that’s why we’re moving to rural Gloucestershire.

  6. mR gREENWAY August 8, 2012 at 7:58 pm - Reply

    This is what you get thanks to the Council putting all the bad eggs in one basket.
    The Police do not want to know the Council house these animals and they get help from the do gooders whom live in an area that these scum would never live in .
    Evictions are needed and no more housing this pond life let them roam the land.

  7. tomsandbox August 9, 2012 at 12:17 pm - Reply


    • Your Cardiff August 9, 2012 at 3:27 pm - Reply

      Apologies – here's the blog in its original form

      • tomsandbox August 9, 2012 at 4:00 pm - Reply


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