We Are Cardiff: August round-up

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We Are Cardiff collects the stories of people living in the Welsh capital – how they came to be here, what they love about the city, and how it has shaped who they are – and combines them with gorgeous photography to make a fantastic community blog.

They are now making a documentary about the city – fundraising for and making the whole thing themselves. Here on yourCardiff, Helia Phoenix from the site writes the first in a series of monthly guest blogs which will update you on all WAC are up to.

“I love the summertime in Cardiff. Things slow down. You can have a breather. There aren’t many gigs on, as all the bands are at festivals. The city is slightly quieter while the students are on summer break. Having said that, Cardiff has been throbbing with people all summer long this year, what with all those Olympic football matches.

To welcome new visitors to the city, we put together our first ever city guide to Cardiff for those coming here for the Olympics. We had a great response to it, and we’re really glad you all liked it so much. In case you didn’t see the guide the first time around, have a look here.

On the We Are Cardiff blog, we’ve had quite a few stories up over the past few weeks. We had our first insight into the ice hockey community in the city from Lucas Howell, who plays for the Cardiff Ice Hounds (and numerous other teams too).

Lucas (for We Are Cardiff)

Lucas’s photo was taken at the ice rink in Cardiff Bay by our photographer Doug Nicholls. Read Lucas’ story here.

Then we featured Roath-based illustrator known as Jessica Draws. Jessica was photographed at the Pear Tree in Roath by Ffion Matthews.

I went along to the shoot as well and Jessica and I realised that we knew each other through mutual friends. It’s incredible how often this seems to happen. We really do live in a Big Little City, eh? Read Jessica’s story. Also congratulations to Jess on her recent engagement!

We also welcomed a local music blogger to the site by the name of Ben Gallivan, who waxed lyrically about the excellent music scene that is being nurtured in Cardiff at the moment.

Ben’s photo was taken by Ffion Matthews in Gwdihw. Read Ben’s story.

In other news, you may (or may not) know that during 2012 we’re making a film about alternative culture in Cardiff, called We Are Cardiff: Portrait of a City. We’ve done quite a bit of filming already, but we’ve been having some time off to recover from our hectic schedules and to get ready for the autumn, when a whole load more filming is going to take place.

We did cover one event in late July, which was Grangetown’s Roxejam festival. Roxejam is an annual graffiti jam that was set up to commemorate a young graffiti writer called Bill Lockwood who passed away a few years ago. He is remembered by artists from all over the UK who come together once a year to paint beautiful murals on the long wall in Sevenoaks Park.

This year’s affair was more low key than last year, but still a great day where the hip hop community came together and enjoyed some good music, a lot of beer, and some great art work. I took some snaps while I was there to give you a flavour of the day…

Only one more thing to add from the We Are Cardiff camp this month – and that’s the very exciting news of the launch of our online shop. Currently we have logo t-shirts (a bargain at only a tenner!) and high quality printed copies of our Little Guide to Cardiff Summer 2012.

Remember We Are Cardiff is a non-profit community project, and all proceeds are currently going towards making our documentary film. Go on, bag yourself a t-shirt. They’re dead smart. And we appreciate your support!

Til next time

Helia (We Are Cardiff).”

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