Councillors reject application for Clifton Street shop booze licence

August 24, 2012 1 Comment »

An international store which hoped to sell beer and wines from 10 different countries to add to the “vibrancy” of a busy high street has had its licensing application refused.

The Ali Baba shop on Clifton Street, Adamsdown, had hoped to sell alcohol from a range of nations from 10am until 11pm.

But owners Reetta and Alan Alias saw their application refused after tens of residents raised objections.

Those living nearby said gangs of youths loitered outside takeaways and associated anti-social behaviour was already prevalent – something they feared granting the application would make worse.

Presenting objections on their behalf at Cardiff’s City Hall was ward councillor Nigel Howells who said there was a “compelling case” for refusal.
He said: “There is a high concentration of chip shops and pizza parlours on Clifton Street.

“There are youths that congregate here and if the application is granted, they will be able to stock up on alcohol here too.

“In all my time as a councillor I have never seen so many individual letters of objection to a licensing application in Adamsdown.

“These are people who have taken the time to put pen to paper to explain their fears and tell you about the problems late-night licences already cause in the area.

“They believe and I believe the time has come to say no to further licences.”

Coun Howells added given the high number of premises that had recently gained licences on Clifton Street, he would be “pushing for a saturation policy”.

Mr and Mrs Alias responded, saying there would be CCTV in place to deter nuisance behaviour and their aim was to promote continental wines and beer rather than sell large amounts of cut-price booze.

Mr and Mrs Alias’s representative Kieron Malley said: “Hopefully the business would thrive and have a good reputation.

“My clients would suggest perhaps CCTV would be beneficial and negate anti-social behaviour and they haven’t had any difficulties yet.

“Their hope is to stock different types of wines and beers which won’t attract people who buy cans of Fosters or Strongbow because they will sell continental beers – they are trying to lift the standard.”

Refusing the application, committee chair councillor Derrick Morgan said: “A public nuisance already exists and we feel a further licensed premises would exacerbate the problem.”

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  1. Mick McFallopian March 29, 2013 at 3:58 pm - Reply

    Can the Licensing Committee be renamed the Cardiff Temperance Society please?

    Idiot youths will not buy expensive wines and ales to get trashed on – such shops would reverse the trend and add more diversity to the area. Cardiff Councillors are completely out of touch with culture.

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