South Wales Police to stop taking lost property reports

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South Wales Police will stop taking lost property reports from next week as part of changes to its lost and found property services.

The force announced today that from Monday September 10, it will no longer take reports of lost property from people or issue reference numbers, and reports must instead be made to the relevant “service provider”.

This means is you lose your phone for example, you should report it to your network provider, or if you lost your passport it should be reported to the Passport Office.

The force said people will still able to check its found property database to see if their lost item has been handed in by someone.

If you find a lost item, the advice is now to return it to the owner by looking for their address or the address of the service provider. For example, a driving licence will have a personal address, and bank cards carry details of where to send them if they are found.

A spokesman for South Wales Police said that if an item is handed in to them, they will do their best to get it back to the owner, and have created a found property database for the South Wales area.

Assistant chief constable of South Wales Police, Julian Kirby, said: “The way we deal with lost and found property has been reviewed and the new levels of service will save people time when they lose property and help get more found items back to owners.”

A letter confirming that the force no longer issues reference numbers, which can be sent to service providers, can be downloaded here.

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