McEvoy plans Save Our City campaigns to oppose LDP

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Plaid Cymru councillor Neil McEvoy, who is planning a campaign to oppose building on green areas.

There are plans for a campaign to oppose possible building on green areas in Cardiff as part of the Local Development Plan.

A meeting, organised by Plaid Cymru councillor Neil McEvoy, will be held at Pentrebane Primary School at 7pm tonight aimed at gathering support for the Save Our City campaign.

He said he felt the campaign was already gathering pace in Fairwater and Pentrebane, with people feeling that Labour had promised not to build on the greenbelt before the election, then releasing an LDP that included such plans within weeks of being elected.

He said: “The homes won’t be for local people. Most of the homes will be for people coming into the city from abroad or from the south east as a result of benefits changes. It will put major pressure on transport and infrastructure.”

The Welsh Government requires all councils to have a Local Development Plan (LDP). This document is a framework for development over a set period of time.

Cardiff is required to draw up a new plan outlining future developments after the previous document was withdrawn in 2010 following reservations by a Welsh Government planning inspector.

The draft LDP Preferred Strategy, published in July, sets out where 45,000 new homes are likely to be built across the capital including on greenbelt areas on the north-east and north-west fringes, which, it says, need to be developed to meet the city’s booming population, which is expected to swell 26% to 408,000 by 2026.

To the north west, a new 7,500-home suburb west of Pentrebane would be created.  And to the north east, some 8,000 homes would be designated either side of Pontprennau.

Coun McEvoy said they had sent out 6,000 leaflets and had received a good response, with the plan to launch a city-wide campaign.

He said the hope is the Plaid Cymru group in the Assembly will be putting a motion to the Senedd some time in the autumn for a moratorium on all LDPs, so policies across regions can be looked at.

He said: “In the near future, we’ll be having a large demonstration outside of the Senedd.”

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