Cardiff After Dark exhibition opens at the Third Floor Gallery

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Picture by Maciej Dakowicz as part of Cardiff After Dark.

An exhibition of shocking photographs that captured Cardiff’s colourful nightlife is to open in the city on Saturday night.

Cardiff After Dark is the brainchild of Polish photographer Maciej Dakowicz, whose images of sozzled Welsh revellers have previously been published across the world.

Now some of his most infamous shots, many taken in the city centre after international rugby matches, are on display at the Third Floor Gallery on Bute Street.

Picture by Maciej Dakowicz as part of Cardiff After Dark.

Mr Dakowicz said: “Cardiff After Dark is an incredible document of night life in Britain. It focuses on the alcohol-fuelled nights of just one tiny patch of Cardiff – a city like any other British city.

“At night, Cardiff becomes a large white canvas for the surreal and humorous, laced with some grit and sadness.”

Some of the images captured by the photographer include men dressed as women, women dressed as policemen, policemen losing their hats, a man seducing a woman in a club while his friend tries to seduce her hand, Superman walking off into a dark alley, and a man at a ninety degree angle being blown away by an imaginary tornado.

The photographer captured the scenes between 2005 and 2011 while studying a PhD in computer science at the University of Glamorgan.

They caused uproar in Cardiff after they were showcased last September at the Visa Pour L’Image photo festival in Perpignan, France. They were greeted with howls of laughter and shouts of “bravo” when they were exhibited to a 1,000-strong audience at the event – regarded as “The Oscars” of the industry.

Mr Dakowicz added: “The atmosphere in Cardiff is really unusual. It’s very special.

“People say Cardiff is one of the best cities for a night out – and I completely agree.

Picture by Maciej Dakowicz as part of Cardiff After Dark.

“I always felt very safe being out there with my camera and I never got into trouble.

“I’m in London now and it’s nothing like that. Nightlife is spread out, but in Cardiff it all happens on the same street – it’s great to be there.”

Cardiff After Dark runs until December 2 at the Third Floor Gallery. Mr Dakowicz’s pictures are being published in a book, Cardiff After Dark.

What do you make of the pictures? Do you think they are a fair representation of Cardiff? Will you be going to see the exhibition? Let us know in the comments below.

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