Plans for more city centre student flats set to be rejected by councillors

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Plans to turn a city centre building in into yet more student housing could be thrown out by Cardiff Council today over concerns about the loss of well-used office space.

Nottinghamshire County Council has applied to Cardiff Council for planning permission to turn Windsor House, on Windsor Lane, into 22 student flats containing 177 student bedrooms, along with a reception, management office, common room, laundry room and gym.

But the office building is currently 90% occupied by around 20 businesses, which would be forced to relocate if the plans were given the go-ahead.

Documents which will go before Cardiff Council’s planning committee tomorrow afternoon recommend that the plans be refused because they would lead to the loss of this active office space.

They also point out that Windsor House is located in the city’s Northern Professional Office Area, which is characterised by small professional offices, and that more student accommodation would impact on that character.

A petition objecting to the plans, signed by 58 employees of businesses in Windsor House, has also been handed to the council, which says the need for more student housing in the city is “negligible”, and that the proposals would destabilise companies that are contributing to the local economy.

Cardiff Civic Society has raised concerns that more student housing could discourage firms from relocating to the area in the future, while the Civic Trust for Wales said the plans would lead to the loss of office space in a “highly sustainable location”.

See a full round-up of all the applications that will be considered by the planning committee tomorrow here.

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