Cardiff brewer launches competition to rename beer after Pepsi ruling

November 8, 2012 1 Comment »

Simon Doherty, from Pontcanna-based Artisan Brewing Company.

A Cardiff brewer who was forced to change the name of his beer by one of the world’s largest drinks makers is asking customers for help.

Simon Doherty’s Artisan Brewing Company had been producing Bare Naked Beers in Pontcanna for more than four years. But two years ago the company which makes Pepsi said the registered trademark on his product had to be changed.

PepsiCo objected because it claimed the name was too similar to the Naked Juice fruit drinks it makes.

As reported earlier this month, PepsiCo won a court ruling forcing Mr Doherty to change his brand name. Now he wants others to help him come up with a new name for his products by setting up the Beer With No Name competition.

Mr Doherty said: “Artisan Brewing Company invites you to get your beer drinking thinking caps on as we endeavour to replace our Bare Naked Beer brand.

“The word ‘naked’ must not be used in any entry.

“The idea/text must not be in exclusive use by any other UK drinks manufacturer.”

The brewer said he would donate 100 bottles of beer to the winning entrant.

The competition closes on February 1, 2013. Enter your suggestion here.

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    Bear Knack'd? Knack'd Bear?

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