Photography focus: Cardiff’s autumn colours

November 13, 2012 No Comments »

Winter is very nearly upon us, with long dark nights and chilly mornings making that glass of mulled wine look increasingly inviting.

But one of the good things about the unstoppable march of winter is that we get to witness the beautiful autumn colours that precede it, and you’ve been adding some gorgeous seasonal pictures to the yourCardiff Flickr group.

Here we’re showcasing some of the best, but feel free to keep adding your own to the group, or e-mail them to and we’ll add them to the post.

Queen St, Cardiff

Queen Street, Cardiff. Photo by Hugh Lester

Autumn in Bute Park

Autumn in Bute Park. Photo by Gareth Edwards.


Avenue. Photo by Gareth Edwards.

Welsh National War Memorial

Welsh National War Memorial. Photo by Gareth Edwards.

27x2012 Roath Park_15

Roath Park. Photo by Gareth Edwards.


Squirrel in Roath Park.  Photo by buckbeak888.

Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Through Rose Tinted Glasses. Photo by buckbeak888.


Roath Park bridge. Photo by Terry Matthews.


Autumn leaves at St Andrews Church, Roath. Photo by Terry Matthews.

Autumnal Colours

Autumnal colours. Photo by buckbeak888.

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