Police and council workers given spot-fine booklets to crack down on dog fouling

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PCSOs and council workers have been given new booklets to make it easier to fine dog owners.

Police Community Support Officers and council workers in Cardiff have been issued with new spot-fine ticket booklets in a fresh bid to crack down on dog-fouling in the city.

Cardiff council officers and PCSOs were given the fixed- penalty notice (FPN) booklets to help make it easier to punish owners caught dog-fouling.

The new booklets were issued as part of a joint training session aimed at raising awareness of how to tackle dog mess in the capital.

The initiative comes as new figures show PCSOs in South Wales have not issued any FPNs since 2009. Cardiff council has also found it difficult to punish messy dog owners, with two FPNs handed out last year.

PC Tony Parker, from the community safety department of South Wales Police, said: “Many dog owners act responsibly but unfortunately many do not and the evidence can be seen left behind on our pavements and in our parks and playgrounds.

“We hope this will be a deterrent and make dog owners act more responsibly and clear away their dogs’ mess.”

A total of 35 Cardiff council officers attended the joint training session with city PCSOs at County Hall.

PCSOs in Cardiff have been authorised to issue FPNs for dog-fouling since 2009.

But figures uncovered through a Freedom of Information request show PCSOs in South Wales Police have issued zero FPNs for dog-fouling over this period. And a total of only four FPNs for littering have been issued by PCSOs since 2009.

South Wales Police said PCSOs found it difficult to issue spot fines for the offence because their FPN booklets did not cover the offence.

The council’s new dog-fouling notice booklets aim to make it easier for both council officers and PCSOs to issue fines to pet owners caught dog-fouling.

A dog-fouling offender can be given a fixed penalty of £75 or a maximum fine of up to £1,000 if found guilty at a magistrates’ court.

Coun Ashley Govier, cabinet member for the environment, said: “This administration has made it clear from the start that we will not tolerate littering and the leaving of dog waste in our communities.”

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