Council leader defends governors over Llanrumney High School’s ‘special measures’

December 7, 2012 2 Comments »

Council leader Heather Joyce said she was “incredibly sad” that Llanrumney High School had been placed in special measures.

The leader of Cardiff council last night said she was “incredibly sad” her local high school had been placed in special measures.

Until June, Councillor Heather Joyce was chair of governors at Llanrumney High School, which this week received a damning inspection report by the education watchdog. Estyn found “important shortcomings” in the majority of lessons and the school’s performance and prospects for improvement were deemed “unsatisfactory”.

Coun Joyce said: “There are dedicated staff there, the governors are hard working and are dedicated.”

Llanrumney’s Labour ward councillor was reluctant to lay blame, saying “it would not do anyone good”, but said the school had suffered from a lack of investment. “I am incredibly sad that it has come to this. It will go forward, I have got every confidence – let’s look forward,” she said.

Asked whether the board of governors were in part responsible, Coun Joyce again pointed to investment, saying: “The governors worked with what they had, as did the headteacher.”

The previous Liberal Democrat/Plaid Cymru administration last year abandoned plans to build a new school for east Cardiff on Rumney Rec following local opposition.

Councillor Keith Jones, one of the leaders of the campaign, said as well as a lack of investment from councils of all political persuasions, the school had suffered from a “huge amount of party politics”.

“Teachers are at the chalk-face doing the best they can to raise standards,” Coun Jones, a former Llanrumney High pupil himself, said.

Last night, the Labour Cabinet approved plans to move all pupils at Llanrumney High to the Rumney High School site from September 2013.

The schools will remain as two distinct schools for the first 12 months, but some classes – such as Year 7 – will be taught as a single year group.

From September 2014, both will be closed and replaced with a new school – with a new name and possibly uniform – on the Rumney High site.

The plan is that all pupils will be transferred to a newly built “state-of-the-art” school in September 2016.

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  1. Cardifffan December 7, 2012 at 7:10 pm - Reply

    So, two schools from the east of Cardiff, that historically have been bitter rivals, will have to be taught on one site from September 2013, with two different Heads, budgets, Governing Bodies, curriculum and uniforms? With one school in "Special Measures" also? On top of this the Rumney school site does not have the capacity for an extra 450 pupils and the current condition of the buildings are in a very poor state of repair. Are we going to see a return to 1970’s Portacabins? Half a million pound of Cardiff ratepayer's money has just been spent on Llanrumney High School to bring it to a reasonable state of repair too. Who are making these decisions? The disruption to pupils currently in Year 10 will be the worse as they are half-way through their GCSEs. And four years to wait for a new school? I’ll believe that when I see it too. Pupils in the east of Cardiff have been badly let down again. This is unbelievable.

    • Carol Ivory December 11, 2012 at 8:46 pm - Reply

      What a mess. What a total disregard for our childrens education.Wasted opportunities. A generation betrayed. Yes I am angry. I am more than angry. What in hell has happened to our political system?
      You know,those people we trust to work in the best interest of us,the people.
      None of them have ever shown the least interest in actually doing something about the plight of our children.
      Placing the school in special measures means that action HAS to be taken NOW. They have no choice. I have several family members still at Llanrumney High and I will be watching the situation very closely.
      Meanwhile our councillors will be dedicating monuments on the rec.
      I may attend the the ceremony myself clutching a 6foot monument of a dog turd,or even a truckfull of the real stuff!

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