The Corporation pub in Canton seeks extended licensing hours

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The Corporation pub, on Cowbridge Road East, wants to extend its opening hours.

The Corporation pub, on Cowbridge Road East, wants to extend its opening hours.

Plans to extend the opening hours of a Cardiff pub have been met with anger by residents, who claim they are already suffering as a result of noise, foul language and litter from the Canton bar.

Greene King Brewing and Retailing Ltd has applied to Cardiff council for permission to extend the opening and licensing hours of The Corporation, at 188 Cowbridge Road East in Canton.

The pub currently has permission to open from 9am until 11.30pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 12.30am on Fridays and Saturdays, and 9am until 11pm on Sundays.

It is also allowed to sell alcohol and play music from 9am until 11pm Monday to Thursday, 9am until midnight Friday and Saturday, and 9am until 10.30pm on Sundays. Late night refreshments can be served between 11pm and midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

But the pub has asked for permission to open from 9am until 12.30am seven days a week, and to serve alcohol and allow live and recorded music from 9am until midnight every day of the week. It also wants to remove a condition banning the consumption of alcohol in the pub’s outside yard area.

However, a number of objections to the application have been lodged by residents living near the pub, with complaints including that the noise from the pub is already disruptive, as well as problems with anti-social behaviour and litter.

One resident said in a written objection to the council: “Music is far too loud considering that this is a residential area, and to have the music playing so late is affecting my right to have a peaceful sleep and rest. There has been many occasions when there has been trouble outside the building due to drunken revellers fighting or arguing among themselves using foul language. Empty drink bottles and glasses [are] thrown into my garden.”

Another resident said there had already been occasions, particularly in the summer months, when the Corporation’s doors and windows were open, causing noise disruption to people living nearby. They also raised concerns about the “seemingly gradual development of Canton into a nightlife hot spot” and the impact this was having on the local community.

Other residents raised concerns about the proposed lifting of the ban on drinking in the pub’s yard, increased noise, litter and the impact on public safety.

Canton councillor Ramesh Patel said he would be at a meeting of the licensing sub-committee tomorrow to object to the proposal on behalf of his constituents.

He said: “The increased hours they’re asking for clearly are not acceptable in a residential area. I have already complained on a number of occasions myself about breaches of the conditions for the licence they have as far as music goes.

“People are living next door to this place. If there were no problems already there may have been an argument for the extended hours. If they demonstrate they are responsible and do not breach any conditions at all, then we can consider it again in the future, but until then, no.”

South Wales Police said it will object to the application on the grounds of the prevention of crime and disorder and public nuisance unless the licence holders agrees to amend the proposed extended hours.

The force suggests the amended licence, if approved, should be restricted to opening times of 9am until midnight seven days a week, the sale of alcohol, live music and entertainment from 9am until 11.30pm, and late night refreshment from 11pm until 11.30pm. The force also requests that the rear yard only be open to the public from 9am until 11pm.

Hannah Loynds, licensing manager for Greene King, said the company would agree to these restrictions being placed on the extended licence.

The council’s licensing sub-committee will make a decision on the application tomorrow.

An application to extend the licence of The Star Inn in St Mellons will also go before the licensing sub-committee tomorrow morning. Details here.

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