Planning round-up: January 2013

January 9, 2013 4 Comments »

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There were just seven applications on the agenda for Cardiff Council’s planning committee this afternoon, but they included a controversial application to build a wakeboard and water skiing park off Atlantic Wharf, and a discussion on how the local authority would respond to developer Viridor’s decision to begin work on the Splott incinerator site without the proper authority.

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Land at Trident Park, Glass Avenue, Cardiff

YourCardiff reported back in July that Viridor, the firm behind the Splott incinerator, had been “invited to stop” construction on its Trident Park site after apparently beginning work without meeting the “pre-implementation conditions” attached to its planning permission. At the time, the council said it had warned the developer that it would take “robust enforcement action” if the issue was not resolved, but when the use of enforcement action was put before the planning committee today, they voted to defer a decision on such action until it had more information.

The council’s head of planning, Phil Williams, told committee members that although Viridor had continued with the unauthorised works, council officers did not think enforcement action was appropriate because the detailed plans, including the pre-implementation conditions, were due to be discussed at the next planning committee meeting in February, and the issue could be resolved then.

All three ward members for Splott – Councillors Gretta Marshall, Huw Thomas, and Luke Holland – told the committee that they believed enforcement action should be taken to stop Viridor’s unauthorised activity, with Coun Holland saying the firm was developing the site ” at a pace which is almost as breathtaking as [its] arrogance”. Committee member Coun Adrian Robson said he believed it was “very clear” the council should be acting to stop the “unlawful activity”, while Coun Ahmed Ali said that if big companies like Viridor did not comply with planning conditions, how could the committee expect general members of the public to do so. However, Coun Lyn Hudson said it was only a short amount of time before the application to discharge the pre-commencement conditions would come before the committee again, while Coun Garry Hunt said he would like to see the evidence on why the current work was causing unacceptable harm to the public amenity. The committee voted to defer its decision for a report with more evidence to be prepared.

Bute East Dock, Atlantic Wharf

Plans for Cardiff Bay Wakeboarding to open a wakeboard and water skiing park in Bute East Dock on Atlantic Wharf were deferred for a second time at today’s meeting. The plans, which would see a cable tow system installed that could take up to nine wakeboarders or water skiers round the dock at a time, had been recommended for approval, but Coun Chris Lomax raised concerns about whether the area could cope with the increased traffic to the attraction, while Coun Iona Gordon said it was “hugely invasive” on residents living nearby. The committee heard there had been more than 100 objections from people who live near the disused dock. Coun Garry Hunt said that a similar scheme had been rejected by the council 16 years ago, partly because of the amount of residential housing in the area, and there was even more housing there now. He said: “I cannot see the logic of the fact that when there’s more residential developments, somehow amenities are less affected”. The committee voted to defer a decision so officers could draft reasons for refusal.

8 Cyncoed Place, Cyncoed

An application for permission to demolish a derelict detached bungalow and garage and replace it with two new detached houses with garages was refused by the committee because the proposed development was “overbearing and unneighbourly”, and would have a negative impact on the street scene. A petition containing 50 signatures objecting to the proposals because of the increased traffic on a narrow road and junction was also submitted by other residents of Cyncoed Place.

11 Cryws Road, Cathays

An application to convert a commercial building into seven flats was approved by the committee.

Capital Quarter, Tyndall Street, Atlantic Wharf

An application from Mr Alex Smart to renew outline planning permission for a mixed use development of offices, hotels, a care home, student accommodation, and some retail space was approved. Mr Smart was granted a five year extension to the outline agreement.

5 Wellfield Road, Roath

An application for permission to use 5 Wellfield Road as a coffee shop/cafe, as well as a shop, was approved.

Northgate House, Kingsway, City Centre

Proposals to refurbish Northgate House – a four storey vacant office block on Kingsway – into student accommodation, with 59 bedrooms were approved. The application does not affect the basement nightclub and and ground-floor retail space.

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  1. Siwool January 10, 2013 at 9:00 pm - Reply

    It is disgusting that Phil Williams the head of planing at Cardiff has advised the council not to take action on the illegal building of this toxic incinerator. It's time that Phil Williams resigns or is sacked if his judgement is to allow a business to risk the health of Cardiff tax payers and waste their money!

  2. Resident January 11, 2013 at 11:24 pm - Reply

    This wakeboarding application has been hanging over the Atlantic Wharf residents for too long now. It has been clearly rejected by the community and its time to put it to bed. I've nothing against wakeboarders or wakeboarding. Afterall, there are plenty of watersports already available down in the Bay so its not like they're missing out much. Half an hours joyride and a handfull of jobs do not outweigh the damage this facility would have on the hundreds of homes and the wildlife around the dock. It's just a poor choice of location, an ugly intrusion into residents lives and of no real benefit to the area.

  3. Will K February 20, 2013 at 10:46 am - Reply

    Does anyone have the foggiest idea which supermarket brand is coming to the former AG Meek shoe shop on Albany Road?

    I'm hoping it's a M&S Food with bakery, but I'm guessing it's going to be another tiny Sainsbury's. :)

  4. Will K February 22, 2013 at 2:20 am - Reply

    Well I asked one of the builders today and apparently it's going to be a Sainsbury's. Which I'm actually happy about, they have better quality fruit than Tesco provide and they have some gluten free items that are far superior than anything found in those health shops nearby!
    So, I can abandon Tesco and collect Nectar card points – very happy customer!
    Can't say I ever bought anything from AG Meek, it was a very poorly laid out, stuffy store which didn't make effective use of the space available. The staff/management clearly have no knowledge of how to display stock or invest in their fixtures/fittings, as evidenced by their town center store and the new smaller unit they've just finished – no imagination whatsoever! My gran once bought a pair of rubber sandals from them for £95, which I promptly returned. Apparently they were a special 'German' brand so of course £95 was a fair price. *cough*

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