Llandaff plans to become ‘Wikipedia town’

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The Llandaff Society said it hoped becoming a “Wikipedia town” would boost visitor numbers.

Historic Llandaff is hoping to move firmly into the 21st century by becoming a so-called “Wikipedia town”.

The idea has been adopted in the Cardiff suburb after seeing the success Monmouth had with its Monmouthpedia project.

That saw the town dotted with scores of ceramic plaques bearing QR codes that can be scanned with smart phones to access information about the place.

Geoff Barton-Greenwood, chairman of the Llandaff Society, said he hoped the project would boost visitors to the area.

He said: “We are looking at the idea of getting involved with a Wikipedia project where little plaques are put on historic buildings so people with mobile phones can register on these little plaques and be given information in their own language.

“Monmouth is the first place in Britain to have done this and they are rather proud of it.”

Mr Barton-Greenwood said he hoped the scheme could be up and running by next year.

“It will involve the city council but you know how things can get bogged down then,” Geoff said.

Roger Bamkin is a former trustee of Wikimedia UK – a charity that supports and promotes Wikipedia.

He said someone from Llandaff had contacted him about the idea but he had yet to meet them to discuss it.

He said: “It sounds like an interesting idea. I know various places are talking about becoming Wikipedia towns.

“Chepstow is talking about it and Raglan are doing something.”

He said the idea had caught on around the world.

“We are doing stuff in Tunisia and Germany and Spain, Australia and India,” he said. “And we have done work in Russia and in the USA.”

Gibraltarpedia has had more than 600 articles contributed.  Monmouthpedia has had about 550.

Plans to expand the Monmouth project by fixing more plaques to buildings were put on hold because of cold weather.

“They require a good temperature to set the mortar off,” said Mr Bamkin.

Monmouthpedia has now employed someone full time to help manage the project.

Mr Bamkin said he was happy the idea was catching on elsewhere.

“I think it’s very good news the fact that it is taking off,” he said. “It’s good to see your ideas being used around the world. I think we only expected it to be one town but the idea has taken off.

“I think we were in 300 media outlets after the story broke.”

The internet expert claimed the success of a project depended on “how enthusiastic the people are.”

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