Splott incinerator chosen as preferred bidder for £1bn waste contract

February 1, 2013 7 Comments »
An artist's impression of what the incinerator at Trident Park could look like.

An artist’s impression of what the incinerator at Trident Park could look like.

An incinerator being built in Cardiff has today been announced as the preferred bidder for a £1bn contract to burn thousands of tonnes of waste from across South Wales.

Viridor, the company building an incinerator at Trident Park in Splott, was given recommended preferred bidder status by the Prosiect Gwyrdd project board on Friday. The decision is expected to be ratified at a meeting of the joint committee on Thursday.

Under the 25 year contract, the incinerator will burn black bag rubbish collected from Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire and the Vale of Glamorgan councils.

Viridor beat competition from Veolia, who had planned to build an incinerator at Llanwern steelworks in Newport.

It is estimated that the saving to the five councils during the first year of operation, compared with current landfill arrangements, will be in excess of £11m.

Construction of the Splott incinerator started in the summer after the development was given the go-ahead by Cardiff council’s planning committee in 2010, despite strong local opposition.

It has since been dogged by controversy, with campaigners claiming Viridor had breached conditions attached to the original planning agreement.

Splott’s Labour councillor Luke Holland said: “Today’s announcement is not unfortunately unexpected and just what many people in Splott and Tremorfa had feared for the longest time that Viridor would be building their incinerator in our community and bringing thousands of tonnes of waste come hell or high water.

“But even though the contract for Prosiect Gwyrdd may have been awarded today, the legality of their development remains in dispute and the simple facts have not changed one bit.

“The incinerator is not wanted in Splott and the local councillors will continue to fight with the community to prevent the development in anyway we can.”

Coun Holland, a member of the Labour group running Cardiff council, said the administration had inherited the Prosiect Gwyrdd when it came to power in May.

“I have been clear from the off about my views on it – it’s a ridiculous site for an incinerator, the consultation was flawed and it smacks of an extremely powerful company getting its way,” he added.

Andrew Kerr, senior responsible officer for Prosiect Gwyrdd, said: “To divert waste from landfill has significant environmental benefits and in line with Welsh Government Policy and European Legislation, a solution needs to be developed for waste which cannot be practically recycled or composted.

“The project advertised on a technology neutral basis, with specific emphasis on the need to divert waste from landfill and Energy from Waste was the only solution proposed to the partnership.

“This partnership will ensure that a significant amount of waste is diverted from landfill, after recycling and composting targets are met so the partner authorities can meet the waste requirements set out in law by the Welsh Government. Public events will be provided to support this announcement and more information will be provided to residents shortly.”

Howard Ellard, Viridor’s business development director, said: “Viridor is very pleased to be announced as recommended preferred bidder, and subject to the council’s decision, looks forward to working with the project to finalise and sign the contract by the summer.”

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  1. elys February 1, 2013 at 2:14 pm - Reply

    pool closes incinerator opens???

    • Bablin February 1, 2013 at 5:14 pm - Reply

      We have great local councillors, really are fighting the case for local residents!! why would they fight our case, two out of three don't live here? Two of whom are part of the cabinet group!!

  2. JollyGreenGiant February 2, 2013 at 2:10 pm - Reply

    Luke Holland told me directly that if I voted Labour in last May's Council elections then the Labour Party would stop the incinerator. Why has he failed us? He sits on the cabinet, he should insist his colleagues throw this decision out or resign on principle. Otherwise he's simply lied to us. And now Labour are threatening to close Splott Pool. Disgraceful! We'll soon see if he's a man of his word, or whether he lied to get a vote.

  3. Red Ron February 2, 2013 at 3:51 pm - Reply

    Great. So we vote Labour and what do they do? Allow an incinerator in Splott and now closing Splott Pool. Meanwhile the dog mess, litter and pot holes remain. Never again.

  4. MR GREENWAY February 2, 2013 at 7:22 pm - Reply

    Wake up people the incinerator was always going ahead and the closure of the local pool ,well as mentioned these councillors are not good with keeping promises and The Cabinet member of Leisure and parks is even the councillor of one of the wards affected and once quoted our children need the local parks etc to get fit and yet the pool may close.You should had voted in your local independent which I campaigned for prior to the election .Of course you local councillor will say yes I back you that is their game but which party do they belong to and who is going to close and build they want the money for their salary rises do not forget our years under Russell Goodwage!

  5. MR GREENWAY February 2, 2013 at 7:32 pm - Reply

    The people of all the wards whom will be affected should arrange a day of protest against their local councillors and the labour controlled council and please do not vote them in again they rely on you having short memories vote in your local independant at the next elections it probably will be to late to save your pool and the incinerator will be belching its filth over you all like old times with the steelworks but getting them out and off the gravy train will be a handsome payback if you all remember?

  6. Mr G. Mahoney February 4, 2013 at 2:55 pm - Reply

    I write to express my very serious concern at the building of an incinerator in Splott. There have been various medical reports published from many different countries warning of the possible health effects from living near to an incinerator. A report by the BSEM highlights the health dangers and makes for good reading. Why does Prosiect Gwyrdd tie local authorities in to 25 year waste disposal contracts when how we handle waste changes almost on a week to week basis. If incineration is the answer then I fear we are asking the wrong qustions.

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