Splott teenager banned from nine city streets for anti-social behaviour

February 7, 2013 1 Comment »
Police said Shannas Cable went on an "anti-social behaviour binge".

Police said Shannas Cable went on an “anti-social behaviour binge”.

A teenager has been banned from nine streets in Cardiff after residents complained he was throwing stones, tampering with their cars and climbing into their gardens.

Shannas Cable, 18, of Splott, is also banned from associating with 10 people, who are named as part of the terms of his criminal anti-social behaviour order.

He was handed the order after being convicted of theft at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court.

It bans him from entering East Tyndall Street, Habershon Street, Neilson Close, Ocean Way, Schooner Way, Eastmoors Road, Bayside Road, Sapele Drive and Ordell Street.

It also prevents him from throwing objects at people or property, interfering with any vehicles without the owner’s permission and entering any gardens without the occupant’s permission.

South Wales Police applied for the order which, if breached, carries on conviction a term of imprisonment not exceeding five years, a fine, or both.

Splott neighbourhood officer Mike Neate said the teenager had previously been given a three-year Asbo in 2009, banning him from similar areas.

But when its term ended in November last year, Cable went on an “anti-social behaviour binge”, eventually being arrested for theft.

Complaints from residents included that he was throwing stones at passers-by and throwing sharp stones at car windows in an attempt to break them.

PC Neate added: “The decision of the court to impose this order reinforces our commitment to taking action against those whose behaviour is unacceptable.

“Anti-social behaviour orders give individuals an opportunity to abide by the conditions and to change their behaviour. If they do not take up this opportunity then they will be arrested and brought back before the courts.

“We would urge the public to continue reporting all incidents of anti-social behaviour and if they believe the terms of an Asbo are being broken, they should contact the police on 101.”

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    To soft we have become lock him up and takeaway his play station and then evict the whole family.

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