New community website Rhiwbina Local launches

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Rhiwbina Local

A new community website has been launched for Rhiwbina, with the founders hoping it will become a vibrant space for news, events, photographs and more in the north Cardiff suburb.

Rhiwbina Local was launched last Friday by Emily Higgins and her husband Nigel. The couple recently moved back to Rhiwbina after nine years living in Whitchurch, where they were regular readers of the well-established hyperlocal MyWhitchurch.

After returning to Rhwibina with their new-born twin daughters, Emily said they were looking for baby groups in the area, but found information was hard to find in one place.

She said: “There was a lot of information, but it was scattered all over the internet, so I want to have something that brought it all together.”

Taking inspiration from MyWhitchurch, Emily set up a Blogger site for Rhiwbina Local, with plans to include local news, events, business information, photos, discussion forums, and contact details for local representatives including police community support officers and councillors.

Emily said she hopes others living in Rhiwbina will be keen to get involved with the site, whether through writing stories or sending in their events and pictures. As the project, develops she also suggested offline events could be come a regular feature, with summer barbecues or picnics.

Emily said: “I don’t want it to just be my project – it’s for everyone in Rhiwbina to get involved. I want it to be a community thing.”

Emily and Nigel also said they hope the site will give Rhiwbina a bigger profile for visitors coming into Cardiff.

Emily said: “The Visit Cardiff website is going to add Rhiwbina Local on there, so hopefully visitors will be able to find out about more about us.

“It’s a really friendly place, there’s lots going on, it’s a pretty village, and just a really nice place to live, so we want people to know that.”

Rhwibina Local also has a Twitter account @RhiwbinaLocal, a Facebook page, and a Flickr page.

If you would like to get involved with Rhiwbina Local, you can contact Emily by e-mailing

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