New website launched for parents to find out about school performance

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The Welsh Government has launched a new website this morning allowing parents to view detailed information about the performance of every school in Cardiff.

MyLocalSchool includes data on exams, Estyn reports, attendance and finances for every primary and secondary school in Wales.

The site aims to give parents a clearer idea of how schools in Wales are performing.

The website, which can be found at, contains hundreds of thousands of pieces of data for parents, carers and those interested in school education statistics.

Information available on each individual school includes:

  • The type of school, number of pupils, and how many teachers.
  • Performance information at Foundation Phase, Key Stage 2 and 3, GCSE and A-level. It also shows banding information for each school
  • Financial information, such as expenditure per school.
  • Links to a school’s most recent Estyn inspection report.
  • The website does not allow you to compare individual schools’ performances, but it does offer information about how a school is doing when compared to the Welsh and local averages, and against other similar schools around the country.

Leighton Andrews, minister for education and skills, said: “I encourage parents to support their local school.

“There are thousands of professionals in Wales who are dedicating all their working lives to provide an outstanding education for our children.

“It is natural that we all want the best for our young people and that we want to understand more about the schools they attend. The information can be used both to sing the praises of a school or challenge the performance.

“The information within MyLocalSchool can only point to areas of success and cast light on areas of improvement. It is the dedication of a highly-motivated, well-trained, well-equipped workforce, aspirational pupils and supportive parents that will help improve performance.

“I hope this site encourages parents to become more involved in the performance of schools.”

What do you think of MyLocalSchool? Is it easy to use? Did you find the information on there useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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