Greener Grangetown scheme launches to tackle city flood risk

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Councill Ashley Govier said the Greener Grangetown scheme will tackle the flood risk in the area.

Councill Ashley Govier said the Greener Grangetown scheme will tackle the flood risk in the area.

Grangetown is to be the site for a flagship environmental programme to tackle flood risk and water waste.

Launched today, the Greener Grangetown initiative is the result of a co-operative effort between Cardiff Council, Environment Agency Wales and Welsh Water.

The ambitious project aims to improve the look and feel of Grangetown as well as boost Cardiff’s environmental credentials.

Ashley Govier, cabinet member for the environment and councillor for Grangetown, said he hoped the project, which is the first stage of the Taff Basin Sustainable Drainage Project, will bring much-needed improvements to the area – and tackle Cardiff’s growing energy and water consumption problem.

He said: “At the rate we’re going, Cardiff will be consuming colossal amounts of energy by 2050.

“Grangetown is also in need of significant development and investment.

“This project will bring back a bit of life to that area as well as deal with our carbon footprint.”

Measures including permeable surfacing and extra street planting will allow excess rainwater to drain slowly into the ground. Surface water in Grangetown and Cardiff is currently pumped and treated 10 miles away in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Coun Govier said: “It takes huge amounts of energy to pump the water all that way.

“With this new drainage system, we’d be saving a significant amount of energy.”

The project takes inspiration from sustainable city developments such as Malmö in Sweden, where a similar system is currently in place.

Tim Williams from Welsh Water explained this would be the first initiative of this kind in the UK.

He said: “The Greener Grangetown project is a really great flagship project to showcase these kinds of technologies.

“It’s also a fantastic example of how public organisations can work together to create sustainable and eco-friendly infrastructure.”

Martin Evans, policy adviser for Environment Agency Wales, said: “One of the big draws for us is the conservation credentials of the project as well as the community benefits.

“The idea is that this is the type of scheme which will eventually be used across the world.”

It is hoped the Greener Grangetown project will begin rolling out in Grangetown at the end of this month, beginning with community outreach.

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