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Every day’s a school day- be a life-long learner at Cardiff Uni

July 26, 2010 2 Comments »

Barring birthdays, it’s not often the post brings something which puts a smile on your face (unless that eBay bargain actually turns out to fit), but this week my mail managed it. The mirth-making missive was the Autumn programme from ... Read More »

The Welsh World Cup dilemma

June 8, 2010 1 Comment »

Welsh football fans have had a conflicting old season. Cardiff City fans got to Wembley (again) after a great season but ultimately failed. Swansea didn’t even make the play-offs after sitting in the top six for most of the season. ... Read More »

A happy half-time for Bluebirds

May 11, 2010 No Comments »

Half-time is generally a rushed affair; fifteen or so minutes where your average fan struggles to fit in the three Ps (pie, pint and..erm..pee) before hurrying back to their seats with Clarks Pie gravy on their chin. But there’s no ... Read More »

Cameron sticks up Grangetown Cash and Carry

April 8, 2010 No Comments »

If I said to you the words ‘David Cameron’, ‘cash and carry’ and ‘Grangetown’ you wouldn’t expect the sentence to also include the words ‘was at a’, ‘in’ and ‘yesterday’ would you? Let me just un-jumble that for you. Yes, ... Read More »

Well I wish it could be Easter every game

April 7, 2010 No Comments »

What did you get for Easter then? Six pounds heavier? A bit of D.I.Y done? An obligatory Bond film watched? Well one man who the Easter bunny certainly thought had been a good boy (hang on, am I mixing up ... Read More »

Something in the air in Cardiff? Ah, it’s the South Wales derby

April 1, 2010 No Comments »

So there’s something in the Cardiff air according to today’s Echo? What is it I hear you say (Well I don’t actually hear you, this is a blog-in-progress without any comments yet, but stick with me)? The perspiration from thousands ... Read More »