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Cardiff in 2020: A Plaid vision

Cardiff in 2020: A Plaid vision
January 3, 2011 3 Comments »

It is quite a challenge to write an essay forecasting how Cardiff will be in 2020. I will concentrate here on how Cardiff could be. I remember, as a young student, I went away to study, embracing and living in ... Read More »

Fairwater litter problem behind the McEvoy ‘liar’ row

July 27, 2010 6 Comments »

In a recent letter to the Echo, I referred to the row over Coun Neil McEvoy calling a Fairwater resident a liar, and defying the Ombudsman’s criticism of that language. Some readers had admired Coun McEvoy for ‘straight-talking’. I pointed ... Read More »

McEvoy hits back over “liar” question

July 23, 2010 1 Comment »

Outspoken councillor Neil McEvoy has hit back at claims he called a resident a “liar” after being questioned at a Cardiff Council meeting. Labour councillor Ralph Cook tabled a question asking whether the Fairwater councillor could continue to serve as ... Read More »

Council deputy leader makes movie debut

June 16, 2010 1 Comment »

Cardiff Council’s deputy leader has swapped City Hall for the boxing ring, as he makes his movie debut. The often outspoken Neil McEvoy landed himself a part in Risen, a film charting the life of Welsh boxing legend Howard Winstone. ... Read More »

Election Analysis: Red Cardiff

May 13, 2010 2 Comments »

Take out the personalities, take out the local stories and the odd results and one thing becomes clear from last week’s General Election: Cardiff is a Labour dominated city. Walesonline’s answer to the BBC’s swingometer (the newsroom calculator) shows ... Read More »

Fairwater PACT meeting overshadowed by political spat

March 4, 2010 2 Comments »

Residents watched on as a Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meeting turned into a political slanging match between the current and former local councillors. Fairwater councillor, Neil McEvoy, the deputy leader of Cardiff Council, tried to get a resident to ... Read More »